What is the difference between website and blog?

Beginner web developers might confuse with the terms website and blog. Lot of them don’t know the difference between website and blog.  If you are not a tech related person you don’t need to know about it. But if you are related to web development industry you must know the difference between website and blog.

When you search something on the Google you get displayed by a list of results based on your search Query(what you typed on the google search box). Basically, these results are links. When you click on any of these links some will take you to a website and some take you to a blog. But Google doesn’t tell you whether you are going to a website or blog. You need to identify either you are on website or blog.

What’s the difference between website and blog?

There are some technical aspects that reflect the difference between website and blog.

So let’s concieve a solid line between website and blog. By the end of this post, the line will automatically clear and you understand the exact difference between website and blog.

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What is website?

The formal definition of a website is a collection of web pages. In my words website is a place on the internet identified by an address ( which is domain name ) where people can find information about a certain topic.

Ex. google,  dropbox,  facebook,  youtube   ect…

History of website

In 1990’s Tim Berners – Lee founded the world wide web (www) also called the web. The primary intention behind the creation of web is to share the information between scientists in universities and institute’s around the world.

The first website in the world was hosted on Berners – Lee’s computer at CERN and the website was dedicated to world wide web project.

In earlier days the websites were in the form of text, hyperlinks, and images only. If you want to embed any audio, video files you need to use web browser plugins. such as Adobe Shockwave, Adobe flash player, and java applets etc …

How to create a website

The creation of a website involves several sections like designing, front-end development, and back-end development. In every section, we need to work with different types of web technologies.

I am not going to explain every section but I will give you a brief explanation of some web technologies which is mandatory for every website development.

Technologies used in website development.

1. HTML 

Stands for (Hyper Text Markup Language) is used to build the web pages by providing a structure that defines the elements like tables, forms, lists, and headings, and identifies where different portions of our content begin and end. We can also embed different file formats into a web page like images, video, audio files   using HTML

2. CSS

Stands for (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to create rules about the color, font, and layout of our HTML elements on web pages. CSS can be used by not only HTML but any XML-based language. without CSS a web page looks like a human body without skin.

3. Javascript 

Javascript is a client-side scripting language means the browser runs the code instead of the web server and is commonly used when data need to be validated before sending it to a web server and adjusting the user interface.

4. MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system ( RDBMS ) and it uses the Structured Query Language ( SQL ). It is an open source and more popular due to the great syntax for creating, deleting and processing data in the database.

5. PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is the most popular and most used server-side scripting language because of the way of easiness to setup and use.

These Five Technologies are enough for beginners. If you learn about these Five you will be able to build a fully functional website.

Which one to consider as a Website?

  1. Anything on the internet we are accessing using the domain name is called as a  website. website and blog both are identified with a domain name. We can also call blog as a Website. A blog may be a part of the website.
  2. Most of the websites require signup (user registration) Action to use features of a website.
  3. Most companies had a website to provide their information and to get in touch with the people.
  4. There are several types of websites on the internet. such as e-commerce websites, social networking websites, search engines, email websites etc…

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What is a Blog?

The term Blog comes from truncation of ” weblog “. A blog is a normal web page which contains a list of articles. All the articles will display in a reverse chronological order and all about a certain topic.

Ex. mashable, techcrunch, shoutmeloud    etc…

History of a Blog?

In 1997 Jhon Barger used the word ” weblog ” for the first time. He used the word weblog to refer to the process of   ” logging the web “. After that, in April 1999 Peter Merjol did a small experiment with the word  ” weblog”. He divides the word ” weblog ” into ” we blog ” and placed it on his website.

Later Evan Williams used the word ” blog ” as both a noun and verb.

At the same time, the first blog hosting website  Blogger bring the popularity to the term ” Blog “.

finally, In 2003, the word Blog has registered on Oxford Dictionary.

How to Create a Blog?

Creating a blog is easier rather than creating a website. You don’t need to have any programming knowledge to create a blog. A blog can be created easily with platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, Drupal etc…

Below is the list of 5 most used blogging platforms which provides the most services for free.

1. wordpress

WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world. It’s an open source and allows you to create a blog on your own.  WordPress also provides CMS ( Content Management System ) to build both website and blog.

2. wix

Wix is another popular website for creating a website. It provides various drag and drop tools. with the help of these tools, you can easily build a website. You can also build a blog with the Wix blog app.

3. blogger

Blogger is the first blog hosting website. It’s an open source service. It’s very useful for non-technical persons to start a blog.

3. tumblr

Tumblr is a social networking website. But It’s more popular among bloggers because of its built-in blogging tools. It’s also a great platform to start blogging. One of the best features of Tumblr is you can follow other bloggers too.

5. medium

Medium is another popular among bloggers and writers. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any coding skills. you can solely focus on writing.

Which one to consider as a Blog?

  1. If you open a blog at the top of the page you will see a list of posts and the most recent posts appear first. At the bottom of the post title, you may find post author name and post published to date.
  2. Mostly you find all the articles of a blog are about a certain topic. For example, if you open a Tech Blog all the articles are about Technology and if you open a Food Blog all the articles are about Food.
  3. Most of the Bloggers provide a comment section to their articles to get feedback from the people meaning that you may see a comment box at the bottom of the post.
  4. If you are on a blog you may see words such as archives, meta, tags, categories, search box and subscribe
    Finally, the main thing you need to remember is website is a collection of web pages and blog is a collection of articles.

I hope the line was cleared and you understand the difference between a website and blog.


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