Javascript Tutorials – A Complete Guide For Absolute Beginners

Javascript Tutorials

Do you want to learn javascript? Are you beginner to programming? No problem. You are on the right path. In this page, you found javascript tutorials for absolute beginners.

I wrote articles on each and individual javascript topic in simple language which understandable to non-technical person too.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is the most powerful and widely used programming language. Nowadays there is no website on the internet, without having a javascript file include.

Every website includes a couple of javascript files to add the interaction to their website.

I divided this tutorial into 12 parts. So, if you learn each topic in a day, it takes 12 days to complete. However, some topics take more time than 1 day. So, Make a time table for 15 days.

Each topic roughly takes 100 minutes to complete. So spend at least 100 minutes per day, complete this tutorial and become a javascript developer.

Start Learning.

#Table of contents

  1. Learn Operators in Javascript
  2. Javascript variables – Learn How the javascript stores the data
  3. Javascript Strings – Learn How to use strings
  4. 20 Javascript String Methods That You Should Know
  5. Javascript Objects – Understanding Key -Value Pair Of Javascript
  6. Javascript Arrays – Learn How to store multiple values in one variable
  7. 16 important Array Methods that you should know
  8. If Statement in Javascript
  9. Else if statement in javascript
  10. The switch statement in javascript
  11. Javascript Looping Statements – while, do while, for, for in loops
  12. Javascript Functions – Learn how to create functions in javascript

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