How to become a successful web developer from scratch?

Do you want to become a web developer?

Do you want to start your career as a web developer?

If your answer is yes, you are on the right path.

Web development is the fastest growing and most promising industry. Web developers have many career opportunities and multiple career paths.

You don’t need a specialized degree from the university to become a web developer. In this post, I will show you how to become a web developer on your own. The only things you need to have is a computer with internet connection and passion for web development.

So let’s get started with

What is web development?

Web development is the process of building and deploying websites and web applications using various tools and technologies and the person who behind the process of building websites and web applications is known as ” web developer “.

Types of web developers

There are 3 kinds of web developers in the industry.

  1. Front – End Developers
  2. Back – End Developers
  3. Full -Stack Developers

Each Kind of developer has their own job specification. Let’s discuss briefly jobs of these developers.

1. Front – End Developers

The job of front-end developers is to convert computer graphics into web pages and also they add interaction to web pages using javascript.

Ex. preloader, image sliding, audio, video controls, form validation etc …

Following are the technologies used in Front-End Development.

HTML – Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It’s a code that browsers used to read a web page. HTML is a text file which contains the markup tags. These markup tags tell the browser how to display a web page in the browser’s window.

CSS – Stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is used to give styles to a web page like colors, proper alignments, sized etc .. without CSS a web page seems like a human body without skin.

Once you understand all the CSS concepts you may focus on CSS frameworks. CSS frameworks are a collection of CSS classes which reduce the lines of CSS code.

below is the list of top 5 CSS frameworks.

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Semantic-UI
  3. Foundation
  4. Materialize
  5. Bulma

Javascript – Javascript is the language of the web. It’s a client-side scripting language which is used to give interaction to the web pages. It’s the only language which used in a client-side scripting language and this is the only language works in both the client – side and server – side.

Javascript Frameworks –  Also know as Front – End frameworks. These frameworks help the developer to reduce the lines of code. Frameworks are the tools which make the developer’s job done well and fast.

below are the top 5 javascript frameworks.

  1. Angular.js
  2. React.js
  3. Vue.js
  4. Meteor.js
  5. Ember.js

2. Back – End Developers

The job of Back – End Developers is to create API’s and bring them to the Front – End developers. Back – End developers mostly talk with the databases using server-side scripting languages.

Ex. Inserting, Deleting, Updating data from databases.

Following are the Technologies used in Back – End development

Databases – Databases is a collection of data which is formatted in tables. the user can insert, update, and delete data from these tables using database commands.

MySql, Oracle, MongoDB are the databases used to store data which is collected from users.

below is the list of most popular databases.

  1. MySQL
  2. Oracle
  3. MongoDB
  4. Postgre SQL
  5. Redis

Server-Side Scripting Languages –  We store the user data on the databases but how do we use them on a web page. This can be done using server-side scripting languages. These are the middlewares between the web pages and databases which collects the data from the user and send it to the database and vice versa.

below is the list of most popular server scripting languages.

  1. PHP
  2. Python
  3. Ruby
  4. Java
  5. Javascript ( Node.js )

Back  – End Frameworks –  Like Front – End frameworks server scripting languages also have frameworks to make developer job easier and fast. If you learn any of the above languages you may focus on back-end frameworks. below I listed the frameworks of a particular language.

  1. PHP – Laravel, Code Igniter, Symfony
  2. Python – Django
  3. Ruby – Ruby on Rails
  4. Java – Spring
  5. Javascript – Express.js, Mean.js, Sails.js

3. Full – Stack Developers

I hope, till now you were clear on how to create a fully functional website. To do that you need two types of web developers Front – End developer and Back – End developer.

can’t we do with a single person? yes, we can. A fully functional website can be done by a single person and that is ” Full Stack Developer “.

Full – Stack developer is a person who handles both sides of a development Front – End and Back – End. These developers are not expert in everything but they familiar with everything. They have the ability to complete a website from start to finish.

Full – Stack developers have more demand than Front – End and Back – End developers.

To become a full stack developer you need to know the following.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. at least one database
  5. at least one server scripting language
  6. must know how to deploy and host a website

Websites to learn web development

below is the list of top 5 websites where you can learn web technologies.

  1. Codeyear
  2. W3schools
  3. Tutorialspoint
  4. Treehouse
  5. Javatpoint

Tip – If you want to become a web developer as quickly as possible choose javascript as your client and server scripting languages. It is the easiest language to learn.

I hope, this article may help you. If you like the post please do share with your friends. Thanks in advance.

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