Hey,  Hai ! First of all Thanks for landing here. Welcome to  JoovinTechCafe! Here you can read technology articles and prgoramming tutorials and this page you can find something about me.

Who Am I ?

Hi! This is South Joovin from Telangana, India. founder of JoovinTechCafe.

I Completed my High School at Church of South India school. After that I thought becoming a software engineer is a promising career in this generation.

So, I Joined diploma. I am an average student and passed out with average percentage. When I was in 2nd year I got a second hand computer which is gifted by grand mother.

Then I started practising programming. Codeyear.com is the best website which helped me a lot. It teaches me how to think as a programmer. Slowly I become addict to programming. I started reading lot of technical books and blogs and watched a lot of tutorials on youtube.

After Completing My Diploma I thought there is nothing to learn at college,everything on the internet. So I stopped my studies and joined a job at 21st Century Software Solutions.

I didn’t get that much work to do there but I got a opportunity to learn new things. After 2 years of continuing that job , I decided to quit. And I started working on my dream project.

Why I am Blogging?

In the past years I learned a lot of technical things. Learned dozens of programming languages and 20+ frameworks but there’s a question arises in my mind.  I had a knowledge. But Is my knowledge helpful or useful to anyone.

The answer is no. It doesn’t useful to anyone including me. I thought it would be west. Then I decided to start a blog. By being a blogger I can teach people my knowledge and can help them by writing solutions among their problems. So, that’s why I started JoovinTechCafe.

My goal is to help people by writing solutions on their problems and to teach them new things with a practical blog posts ”